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Kugel Hernia Mesh Patch Lawsuit - Linked to serious Injuries

Hernia Patch Injuries

Hernia Patch Benefits Still Touted By Manufacturer

Bard claims that the Kugel patch is for use in what's called "tension-free hernia repair," a term intended to mean elimination of pain and tension on the area around the hernia after the operation, including muscles and ligaments. Bard continues to tout the Composix Hernia Patch as having many benefits, including minimal pain, quick recovery, lower recurrence rates, ability to have the operation with local anesthesia, smaller incisions, and being a more complete repair than other methods.

Bard Composix Kugel Hernia Patch Recalls

Due to risk of the ring welds could breaking under stress placed on these products during surgery, complications may ensue such as abdominal pain, bowel perforation or chronic enteric fistulas. There have been numerous product recalls and product withdrawals including those in December 2005 (Extra Large Patches), January 2006 (Extra Large Patches) and March 2006 (Large Patches). In January 2007, the recall was expanded. To read more please visit:
FDA Information on the Kugel Recall

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